2016 Halau Hula a Kawika Laua 'o Leinani Hoike
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Join our halau and learn to dance hula. Both ancient form of hula (KAHIKO) and modern hula (AUANA) are taught.

Classes are Monday - Thursday & Saturday. All ages,  girls, boys, men & women.

Instruction by:
Kumu Hula Leinani Viloria & Kawika Viloria

What to expect

  1. Classes begin with Hula Basics - Drills, repetitive hula steps for approximately 1/2 hr.
  2. Beginning class consists of Basics, breakdown of dances at a much slower pace. Both forms of hula are taught: Kahiko and Auana.
  3. Intermediate/Advance class consists of: Basics, Kahiko, Auana, Oli, and at a much faster pace. Difficult movements.
  4. All students will learn to greet each other in Hawaiian language.


All Classes
1 Hour

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday
8:30 am          
930 am         Ukulele
10:30 am         Tahitian/New Zealand
11:30 am         Hula
1230 pm          
5:00 pm   Baby Keiki      
6:00 pm Begin Keiki Int/Adv Keiki Begin Keiki Int/Adv Keiki  
7:00 pm Begin Adult Int /Adv Makua Begin Adult Begin/Int Adult  
8:00 pm Begin Kane Adv Wahine All Kane Wahine  
Baby Keiki Children Ages 3 - 6 years (Girls & Boys
Keiki Children Ages 7 - 12 years
Kane Men/Boys Ages 13 years & up
Wahine Women Ages 13 years - 40
Adult Both Kane & Wahines Ages 13 - 99


$53.00 per month, per student - 1 classes per week
$73.00 per month, per student - 2 classes per week
Family rates are available.

Private lessons available group and/or individual
$50.00 per hour

Payments are due at the beginning of every month.

Arrangements can be made to pay for several months in advance. Contact Kumu for details.

STUDIO RENTAL $25.00 Per Hour